Harwood Hill JMI and Nursery School

The Problem

At Harwood Hill Primary, ICT is integral to their delivery of a first class education, however increasing power up and log on times meant that ICT utilisation was actually having a negative impact on the outcome. When delays increased to 25 minutes before pupils could be immersed in their learning, something had to be done. New laptops were the first port of call, so in 2014 headteacher Philip Gray contacted experienced ICT providers Leverstock.

The Solution

Leverstock established that the root cause of their difficulties lay in weak, antiquated infrastructure and simply replacing laptops would not eradicate these issues. Mr Gray adds; “they helped us to develop solutions with a capacity to expand and meet the new curriculum. At no point were we ‘sold’ anything, just supported in achieving performance far exceeding all our expectations.”

Speech Marks “What impressed me right from the start was the way that Leverstock really took the time to listen to our problems and gain a real understanding of the underlying issues that were holding us back.”


The Results

Following Leverstock’s recommendations Harwood Hill invested in a new server and managed wireless, allowing the integration of ICT across all subjects. By utilising Leverstock Installer, existing laptops were quickly rebuilt to the latest standard, making them as good as new.

Speech Marks It could take up to 20 minutes to start a lesson; now we’re all online and ready to go in 1 minute – the ICT confidence of the children has gone through the roof – instant impact” Philip Gray.

Under the guidance of headteacher Philip Gray, Harwood Hill Junior Mixed Infants and Nursery school caters for pupils aged from 3 – 11 across 8 classes.
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