Switch to Leverstock VoIP and claim your Free Interactive Flat Panel – our gift to you!

Leverstock is giving away a Clevertouch Interactive Flat Panel to every school that signs up to our increasingly popular VoIP telephony – a cost effective solution that can totally transform user efficiency and productivity.  Join the many schools who have already made the switch and totally eradicate your line rental costs in an instant.

Our cloud based telephony system has been designed specially for schools to ensure security and flexibility for ever changing needs whereby staff will no longer be bound by their location.  Keeping in touch during school trips or snow days is easy and there’s no need to give out your mobile number.  Your existing number will be ported meaning no depletion of service or costly reprinting of stationary.  Loss of phone use during power cuts can also be a problem of the past.
Features such as call recording, welcome message, voicemail and easy transfer are all included.  A paging system allows messages to be broadcast to phones across the school – perfect in emergencies.

As specialist providers to the Education sector, we are able to offer highly competitive, money saving packages with essential features that your school should not be without.  We are saving even the smallest of schools significant amounts of money simply by switching to our VoIP system.  We don’t sell phones – we provide solutions specially for schools.

Experience the benefits of Leverstock VoIP for yourself – we’ll give you a brief demonstration and the opportunity to run a free trial with no commitment.  Sign up to one of our packages and you’ll receive a free Interactive Flat Panel – our gift to you!

Your 4K display comes with 20 point touch, remote management and super glide surface.  Two hours free training is also provided to ensure that you are fully equipped to make the most of all the features on offer and produce innovative lessons.  With no ongoing subscriptions this really is the complete all in one solution for your classroom.

To arrange your complimentary VoIP demonstration, simply contact Amanda Johnston ([email protected]) or Richard Clarke ([email protected]) or call us on 01442 800800

We look forward to hearing from you.