IT Equipment

We only provide the highest quality solutions for the classroom. Being independent, we are able to select the best possible technology to meet the requirements of your school. We specialise in providing classroom technology, designed specifically to enhance education experience and teaching style.

Our education experts put their years of experience to good use, offering our clients tailored solutions based on their needs. Whether it’s interactive flat panels, mobile devices, or classroom furniture, our experts are able to create the best solution for you.

Maximising your investment is essential and we believe that training is key to unlocking the full potential of technology. Exclusive training programmes, attuned to your needs, provide on-going tuition and support, allowing seamless integration into learning. Find out more about our training services here.

Some popular solutions 

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Interactive Classroom Solutions Touch Screen PC’s Mobile Solutions Accessories
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"From our initial contact, Leverstock listened to our requirements, then offered a variety of solutions that enabled us to achieve our vision."

Sarah Holt Panshanger Primary School August 12, 2015