Technologically enhanced lessons are commonplace in the modern classroom but maximising the potential from an increasing investment in IT equipment is paramount. Leverstock can provide a huge range of accessories, which beautifully compliment any asset. Whether you are looking to provide protection, maximise capability or minimise user distractions, we have the answer.

Some of our popular additions include:

  • Cases – Do you require ruggedised protection, large easy to use handles or multi-positioning? All of our cases have been extensively tested by like-minded users, to provide you with only the best results on the market.
  • Headphones – Minimise the distraction from excessive background noise, with personalised student, or device headphones. From wired personal ear buds to wireless headphones with bluetooth technology, we have an option to meet your needs.
  • Enhanced Basics – Wireless keyboards, mice and speakers, longer cables and a multitude of adapters enhance the efficacy of IT basics and ensure solutions work for you.
  • Engraving – A stylish addition to any device, as well as adding security from theft. Any metal device can be engraved with your own design, so why not consider personalising your mobile devices with the school logo or crest?

Every solution is designed specifically for you, so please contact one of our friendly team, to discuss your specific requirements.