Mobile Solutions

In an ever-changing technological world, the workplace is a hive of collaboration and mobility, enhancing productivity and performance. Naturally this is filtering down into education with mobility being a key part of the learning environment.

Mobile devices enable this key element to become an easy reality, within schools. Whether you are looking to un-teather your teacher from the front of the classroom, or provide student devices with a difference, Leverstock have the solution for you.

Mobile Solution Gallery

What can we provide?

  • Laptops – simple student devices, to powerful management PC’s.
  • Tablets – move your lessons outside in an instant, with student tablets. Simple to use, either swipe and tap with touch screen technology or add a detachable keyboard to ease those typing tasks.
  • Hybrid – The newest technology to hit the education market, these devices are a brilliant all-rounder for those constantly on the move, but want more performance. A lightweight tablet, that easily converts into a laptop should the task require it.
  • iPads – A popular choice for younger students, the iPad can be equipped with a wealth of apps to aid the learning process. Our iPads are supplied with the optional addition of rugged cases, personalised engraving and a variety of accessories that will captivate and engage.
  • Storage solutions – All mobile devices need to be stored, charged and potentially synced to achieve their full potential. Every mobile device solution is accompanied by a variety of storage options. From wall mounted lockers, to fully mobile device trolleys our range is strong, reliable and stylish; an eye-catching addition to any space.

Mobile Storage solution collage