Ultra VoIP

Want even more added features than VoIP Talk can offer? Why not try our Ultra VoIP solution!  

With our Ultra VoIP solution staff are no longer bound by their location. Mobile functionality enables users to have both a desk and mobile phone, which are called simultaneously. The user simply answers the call in the most convenient way.

With the Unity Mobile application your iPhone or Android has the same functionality as your desk phone. You can transfer calls, view presence, instant message, listen to voicemails and make and receive calls on your school’s number.

The mobile app utilises your existing mobile telephone network, so calls are less likely to drop, regardless of the users location.



  • Tannoy Service – Allows users to broadcast a message across the school from your desk phone.
  • Immediate savings – line rental costs, cross-site and internal call costs are eradicated. With competitively priced calls with inclusive and mobile minutes packages add-ons.
  • Greater mobility – Users are no longer bound by their location and can be used anywhere in the UK.
  • Call Handling – Desktop app enables efficient call-handling showing user presence and call status.
  • Lifetime warranty on all handsets.
  • Flexible and scalable solution – means reconfiguring, adding or moving phones couldn’t be simpler; using the existing network cabling, handsets can be easily added.
  • Instant messaging feature – Allows information to be passed on quickly to any extension from both your desk and mobile phone.
  • Quick and Easy Set-up and on-going support by Leverstock and access to a knowledge base with ‘how to guides’.
  • Number porting – Allows you to keep your existing number.
  • Works alongside your current IT, ensuring no major disruptions.

Desktop App

Mobile App

For more information please get in touch on 01442 800800 or view our case studies here.


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"As an Executive Business Manager, every solution must be of both practical and financial benefit to each school.  When looking for a simple, telephony solution that could be scaled across multiple sites, Leverstock provided VoIP Talk. To date, this solution has saved us over £500 every year, across each of our schools. Highly recommended!”

Jayne Reeve Executive Business Manager LDBS Academies Trust August 12, 2015

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