Training Services

At Leverstock we believe in providing quality training and customer services.  Training should win the hearts and minds of those taking part, placing them in a position where they can:

  • See a requirement to use technology
  • Have a clear understanding how technology can improve their environment
  • Have constructive discussion with peers
  • Be willing to offer support, or accept support within their environment
  • Enjoy the training

Achieving all of these elements does not happen instantly, a planned program of training is essential to maximise the impact of technology and changes in that technology within the classroom.

Leverstock Training Services can offer support in three key areas:

  1. Face to Face Training
  2. Webinars
  3. Telephone

Through the adoption of these key areas we are certain a stable training platform will be developed, offering continuity and staff progression.


Face to Face

The starting point for the development of a whole school training program


Webinars for new products & features and also individual induction webinars


Termly conversations with your Leadership team to identify any weaknesses and telephone support for any issues

Membership and costs

See all the benefits of becoming a member of the Leverstock Training Club

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"As an Executive Business Manager, every solution must be of both practical and financial benefit to each school.  When looking for a simple, telephony solution that could be scaled across multiple sites, Leverstock provided VoIP Talk. To date, this solution has saved us over £500 every year, across each of our schools. Highly recommended!”

Jayne Reeve Executive Business Manager LDBS Academies Trust August 12, 2015