Face to face training

This form of training is an initial staging post for a training program where knowledge within an establishment is minimal. This will arise once a large scale technological investment is completed. To maximise the investment staff need to know the workings of systems and how the technology can impact them directly.

Face to Face Training allows for group learning, and importantly peer to peer support. With those more able offering advice.

The knowledge and experience of the trainer is equally important during this process. The trainer must field questions from attendees, moulding answers into the expectations of the client.

To allow clients to receive maximum hands on time with the technology, we limit attendees to 10 per training group. Ideally these 10 would be split into two working parties. Progressing through tasks assigned before feeding back as a collective. A strong basis of training through collaboration.

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"Approachable, helpful support! Engineers ensure our IT is always easily accessible, functional and up-to-date."

Jenny Hearne George Street Primary School August 12, 2015