This form of distance interaction has three key benefits from a client perspective.

  1. It maintains continuity between a trained group and the trainer
  2. Supports cost effective follow up training
  3. Allows questions to be asked of a knowledgeable trainer

Continuity is extremely important in progressing individuals within the learning environment. Maintaining this continuity allows confidence to build, skills to develop and CPD to bloom.

Webinars will allow for a cost effective implementation of supportive follow on training. These allowing for specific requests to be answered once the initial face to face training is completed. Questions can be submitted ahead of a webinar giving clients the assurance that questions will be answered during the webinar, allowing the webinar to be productive. All product specific webinars are open to all establishments holding a membership account.

In any industry staff turnover is inevitable. How an establishments reacts to this staff progression is critical to the progression of newly installed technology. A contingency plan to allow knowledge transfer is essential. Webinars form an important building block for new staff members. Their knowledge base can be built quickly without the cost of face to face training. Peer to peer learning supports this webinar program, with a nominated mentor or member of senior management team supporting. These induction webinars are private to the establishment allowing flexibility in content.

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Jenny Hearne George Street Primary School August 12, 2015