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Experience the freedom, flexibility & choice of UltraVoIP


The smallest of Primary Schools to the largest of Multi-Academy Trusts are saving significant amounts of money simply by switching to UltraVoIP. 


There are no long contracts to bind you.  We're confident you'll stay with us for our friendly and reliable service, bespoke solutions and value for money.  With services based on only a 30-day subscription, you have the flexibility to switch elements on and off, as required. 


Increasingly in demand is our Call Record feature, whereby you can manage disputes arising during telephone conversations from which unsound accusations often transpire.  Even if you are halfway through a conversation, you can switch on 'record' and our system will produce a recording from the very start of the call.

Our popular Mobility app allows you to use a personal smartphone as a school extension.  The mobile number is hidden, and the recipient sees only the school number displayed, increasing the likelihood of your call being answered.  Key staff can make and receive calls from anywhere; ideal during holidays and school trips. 


We understand your budget constraints, therefore our prices reflect that too.  We are proud to be approved suppliers of the Pagabo ICT Framework, meaning procurement with us is simple, compliant and transparent. 



UltraVoIP Benefits

  • No long contracts

  • No expensive set-up fees

  • No need to change your existing number

  • No line rental costs

  • No need to pay for features you won't use

  • No risk!

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