VoIP Talk

Looking to save on rental costs? Using the Internet to make calls can be an extremely cost effective solution. Leverstock’s VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) Talk allows you to do just this, and is designed to save you money. It’s a quick fix that is simple to implement, providing schools with a host of added benefits.

VoIP Talk is quick to set up and managed entirely by Leverstock, who provide on going support if any issues should arise. We ensure a seamless transition from your current system to VoIP, as number porting allows you to keep your existing number.

The solution is highly flexible; use your existing computer network to plug in the phones where they are needed, with cordless phones providing added mobility. With many schools now functioning across multiple sites, VoIP is a simple and money saving alternative that won’t disrupt day-to-day activities.




  • Immediate savings – reduced line rental costs and competitively priced calls with inclusive landline and mobile minutes package add-ons

  • Quick and easy set up and on going support

  • Excellent call quality via your existing Internet connection

  • Never miss a call with call forwarding functionality

  • Number porting allows you to keep an existing number

  • Flexibility – staff will no longer be bound by their location.  Keeping in touch during school trips or snow days is easy and there’s no need to give out your mobile number

  • Works alongside your current IT, ensuring no major disruptions

For more information please get in touch on 01442 800800  or view our case studies here.


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