Education Sector

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From small village Primary schools to large Multi Acadamy Trusts, we are supporting schools up and down the country with their telecoms.

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It's all about you!

We take the time to understand your needs and those of your school. The requirements of schools are very different to those of the commercial sector and that's why we have solutions designed specifically for education.

We can provide Apps designed to save you time with the ability to work more productively. Our powerful cloud solutions can deliver virtual boundaries for a better work-life balance.

Free Mobility Trial

Trial our Mobility function free for one month. No second phone, alternate number, or SIM is required.  Make calls through a smartphone on the school number, while protecting personal phone numbers.


With our range of Mobility options, inbound and outbound calls on a smartphone can be made through the school number. Your school can stay connected during power cuts and internet failures, particularly beneficial if you need to contact parents urgently. And they are more likely to answer if they see the school number displayed. Mobility is ideal for school trips and remote or hybrid working as calls can easily be transferred to and from the main reception.
Increasingly popular is Call Recording, which can offer staff protection should disputes arise and save lots of time. Transcripts can be stored for accurate record-keeping, and safeguarding calls can be uploaded to CPOMS.